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Several weeks ago, I had started the most ambitious project yet on this blog. The rather epic PG Unleashed RX-78-2 kit! Progress was surprisingly steady and I was thoroughly enjoying the build.

Work had been pretty hectic for a few days so the kit had to be shelved for a short period. After getting back at it, something horrifying had occurred to me… I had glossed over a step, the pair of metal 60mm Vulcan Guns were missing! I had either thrown them out or misplaced them.

The horror… the horror

How did I not notice them missing and what is a builder based in the UK to do about a missing part in a Gunpla kit! The hobby is surely on the rise here at the moment but not enough for UK or even EU-based replacement part services. Hopefully, in the near future, someone will take the plunge and start one…

Slightly disheartened by the loss, I took to the chat on Atymisk’s Twitch channel in an attempt to find a solution to this problem. Quite a few viewers suggested the same place, let’s take a look.

US Based online retailer Mecha Parts Guy. The amount of parts available here is actually mind-blowing! They even have a Blog with PDF files of instruction manuals right there for anyone who needs a quick reference or replacement.

As I mentioned before, Mecha Parts Guy is based in the US. Shipping from there to the UK is just a little steep at the moment and as of the date of publishing this post, there are no UK/EU-based replacement part services.

I carried out a small amount of research into alternative parts and even pondered on the idea of fashioning them from scratch. However, the PG Unleased RX-78-2 has been the largest and most expensive kit purchased to date. This guy had to be finished correctly!

After a little chat with the site’s proprietor and under three weeks later, the replacement metal Vulcans arrived.

Nicely packaged and a little note, I cannot recommend this site enough. Really pulled me out of a hole with this PG build.

3 thoughts on “Mecha Parts Guy

  1. Now there is no more Mecha Parts Guy so what can we gundam model builders do? We need more parts easily and quickly to be provided for all gundam builders. Does anyone have any updated info on where we can get gundam parts?


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