Terror-Byte Awards

Those of you who frequented the old Terror-Byte Gaming website will remember the review award badges that we gave to the games and products that were just above and beyond our expectations. Thanks to Mr Meldrumis, we have new and more up-to-date awards for the new blog! Be sure to keep an eye out for…

1K Follower Giveaway

We just broke 1000 followers over on our Instagram! A huge shout out to everyone who has supported Terror-Byte Gaming. To celebrate, we are giving away a £50 voucher for our boys at Gundam Gateway. We’ve heard whispers that they have some awesome new products on the way… Be sure to keep an eye on…

We are live

Terror-Byte Gaming has been operating solely on social media for the past few years. It’s been far too long since we last had a place to call our own. Here you find the latest blog posts from our admins, what we’re playing, and our latest pick-ups.

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