RG Red Astray

Whilst waiting on replacement parts for the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 from our saviors at Mecha Parts Guy, I decided to start a new kit. Shipping from the US to the UK at the moment is rather slow…

The Real Grade (RG) Red Astray is another one of those kits that comes highly recommended by a large portion of the Gunpla community, much like the RG Crossbone which also featured on this blog not that long ago.

We picked up this kit from our boys at Gundam Gateway. if you’re looking for a reliable source of Gunpla kits and accessories, be sure to check them out!

The Astray Red Frame Mobile Suit comes from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray and takes a rather Samurai-Esque aesthetic. A little different but actually looks fantastic.

The Red Frame Astray is operated by Lowe Guele of the Junk Guild.

After working on the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 for a while, it’s rather weird going back to a 1/144 scale kit. Refreshing, yes but I’ve been reminded of how fiddly some of the parts can be…

Completed Leg Units
Waist Unit
Arm Units

The inner frame for the Upper Body and Arm portions of this kit have been somewhat underwhelming compared to a lot of kits we’ve built in the past. Not much happening here, the detail appears to be more in the Leg Units and Weapons.

Upper Body
Much better with the armor attached!
Head Unit
Backpack Unit

Time for some weapons! To match the Samurai aesthetic, the Astray Red Frame comes equipped with a “Gerbera Straight” sword.

Gerbera Straight is a massive katana designed to be wielded exclusively by mobile suits. Its background is shrouded in mystery, though it is said to be created from lost technology. The sword has seen its fair share of battles, before becoming the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Flame’s primary weapon.”

Source – The Sword Library

To be brutally honest, I am bored of Beam Sabers on the 1/144 scale kits. Pretty much every kit has at least one and they’re all nearly identical. We will try to only include unique weaponry on future buildlogs.

Moving on… Time for the sticker decals! Such detail has been added to this kit with just a few small stickers. Especially the larger ones on the Shoulder Units.

I picked up this kit on a whim but the build experience has been thoroughly enjoyable. A rather different design compared to the other kits we’ve built on this blog but a welcome one. Will be on the lookout for the Master Grade (MG) variant to add to the collection.

We are proud to award the RG Red Astray our Builders Choice Award.

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