Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (February 2023 Edition)

I’ve been stoked for February’s iteration of Steam’s cheerfully curated collection of demos that is Next Fest since I received a wee email from Weather Factory (the fine folks behind the card-based game of apocalypse, yearning and management Cultist Simulator) to inform me that their latest title, Book of Hours, is launching its first playableContinue reading “Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (February 2023 Edition)”

Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (October 2022)

I might as well take this opportunity to further the point I started my previous article with. Steam’s Next Fest event has become my firm favourite event in Steam’s calendar, firmly ranked above their myriad sales. A wee Scotsman enjoying an event with such a multitude of free demos to play? Say it isn’t so!Continue reading “Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (October 2022)”

Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (June 2022)

Every time it pops up, the more I realise that Steam’s Next Fest event is rapidly becoming one of my favourite gaming events on the calendar. Eyes light up with unrestrained glee, which is great for gamers and developers. For gamers, we get to sink our teeth into new offerings in bite-sized chunks to temptContinue reading “Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (June 2022)”

Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (Feb 2022)

Would you look at that? February 2022’s edition of Steam Next Fest has hit the Steam front page and you can bet your sweet rear ends I’m going to have a look through the oodles and oodles of offerings available! Since I ended the last roundup with some crass entertainment, let’s start off this entryContinue reading “Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest (Feb 2022)”

Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest

Patron Saint of gaming Gabe Newell has blessed us with a new iteration of Steam’s wildly popular Next Fest. What is Next Fest? It’s a celebration and showcase of upcoming games from a variety of developers. From one man, bedroom devs to names you might recognize and everything in between. I decided that I mightContinue reading “Zeit’s Picks at Steam Next Fest”

Nintendo Direct 17/02/2021

Well, what a cracking Nintendo Direct that was! Everything from new characters in a popular beat-em-up to old classics coming back to grace the Nintendo Switch. Multiple members of the crew here at Terror-Byte Gaming are ardent fans of the platform so this certainly was great Nintendo Direct for us!. This article also represents aContinue reading “Nintendo Direct 17/02/2021”