GunPrimer – Sand Loop Flex Review

The innovators at GunPrimer have been hard at work once again. We’ve had our hands on their new Sand-Loop Flex sponges for a while now but have not been able to talk about them publicly. Now that they’re officially on sale on the GunPrimer webstore, let’s take a look! Sanding products, this is an areaContinue reading “GunPrimer – Sand Loop Flex Review”

HG RX-78-2 Beyond Global

Mobile Suit Gundam was first released 42 years ago (from the date this buildlog was published). To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this incredible franchise, Bandai released a special edition of the very first Mobile Suit. The HG RX-78-2 Beyond Global. The RX-78-2 was piloted by Amuro Ray, he is the main character of MobileContinue reading “HG RX-78-2 Beyond Global”