DSPIAE Sanding Sponge Set Review

The precision tool manufacturing company from Shanghai, DSPIAE is taking the hobby industry by storm. With their highly sought after ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nippers which we have also reviewed and now their line of Sanding Sponges.

We ran into an all too familiar scenario when trying to source these kits in the UK, all out of stock! Instead, we decided to order these as close to the source as possible. AliExpress. We have ordered various bits and pieces from here in the past, as long as you do your research and have the patience of a saint. Your products will arrive… Eventually.

The DSPIAE Sanding Sponge Set took around three weeks to arrive at HQ. With the current postage situation, that wasn’t bad at all! Hopefully, the UK suppliers order larger quantities in future but three weeks from China isn’t the worst.

So, let’s takes a look at this set.

This set includes #180, #280, #400, #600 and #800 grit sandpaper sponges. Each set includes 30 total sponges, six of each grit and each grit comes in three different thicknesses 2mm, 3mm and 5mm.

Sanding sponges are one of those consumables used in Gunpla building that seems like a rather tedious expense. Depending on use and technique, they mightn’t last very long and they can leave your work area rather messy. Although, that little extra work can make all the difference to your finished kit.

At first, sanding was a dull and time-consuming concept. After watching quite a few build logs and seeing first-hand how clean the parts were compared to when they were first cut from the runners, I was genuinely blown away.

Your own results may vary but don’t be discouraged, plenty of practice and your kits will look great.

Like I’ve said quite a few times on these Journey Into Gunpla posts, take your time with your kits. Be patient and the end result will be worth it.

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