DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nipper Review

What’s this, a review? That’s right, we’ve had the DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nipper for a couple of weeks and have been using them on all the most recent Gunpla kits.

These were quite difficult to source in the UK, nearly every store we checked were out of stock! Gundam Mad to the rescue, they had the Nippers in stock and were listed at £29.99, shipping was a bit high at £5 to Northern Ireland but we were determined to get our hands on these!

The packaging was very surprising, this is a high tier looking item. High quality box with inserts for the nippers and accessories. A unique 16 digit code to authenticate your product and various instructions for optimal use.

My previous go-to nippers were the Fine Detail Cutters from Citadel. These guys were cumbersome, uncomfortable and put quite a lot of stress on the cuts. Saying that, they were good for starting out or for removing larger parts from the runner.

The little leather cover was a nice addition, looking after your tools is a must to ensure the longevity of the product and keeps the functionality at it’s peak.

The single blade design puts much less stress on the runners when cutting. As you can see above, the DSPIAE nippers are much smaller than the Citadel fine detail cutters, a smaller cutting area allows for a much closer and more precise cut.

Let’s compare the actual cuts from the DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nipper and the Citadel Fine Detail Cutters. The difference was rather surprising. A much cleaner cut!

With previous bulkier nippers, I have noticed fatigue after the more lengthy Gunpla building sessions. This leaves quite a bad taste in the mouth and almost brings on dread when thinking about building again. The right tools are essential to this hobby.

We found this rather detailed user guide on the DSPIAE website. Instead of us talking you through how to use the nippers, we’ll let them talk you through it.


Design – 5/5

Price – 5/5

Ease of Use – 4/5

Great scores across the board, I highly recommend this product for all you Gunpla builders out there! That is of course, if you can find them in stock…

I will definitely keep this company in mind when sourcing more tools, they do have a rather impressive line of products.

As mentioned above, we managed to track down a set at Gundam Mad. A UK based online retailer who also have an impressive inventory of Gunpla kits, various kits from other franchises, tools etc. and even Gundam themed apparel.

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