RG RX-93 Nu Gundam

Well, it happened! In the third riveting installment of Journey into Gunpla, the RG RX-93 Nu Gundam had just arrived from our boys at Gundam Gateway. After taking a look inside, this Real Grade was rather intimidating and I had decided to set it aside until I had assembled a few more High Grade kits.

That subtle mixture of boredom and curiosity led to this kit being assembled and to my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t actually that difficult! Judging by the instructions, it’s also going to have incredible detail.

Leg Unit

Even at this early stage of the build, it’s clear that the RX-93 is going to be a sizable Mobile Suit. There is also a surprising amount of detail on the inner frame.

Waist Unit
Lower Body Assembly

When building my first few kits, they were assembled in one sitting and found myself almost getting burnt out towards the end. With this kit, I’ve spent a couple of hours over a few days. Fewer mistakes were made but there are still some rough cuts…

Chest Unit
Arm Unit
Arm Unit
Head Unit

Nearing the end of this build, I noticed there were still quite a few parts remaining. The Fin Funnel units still had to be constructed! x6 of everything may I add…

Fin Funnel Units

This was the most tedious part of the kit.

It’s pretty much finished! This kit was a an absolute treat to build, thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. On previous builds, I got quite burned out trying to get it finished in one sitting. With this one, I spent a couple of hours over a few days.

There is still much to learn. More practice with High Grade kits is on the cards.

The RX-93 Nu Gundam looks quite at home on the System Base 001 as well, picked this kit up on eBay for just under £20.

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