Journey into Gunpla #002

A good day for Gunpla post here at Terror-Byte Gaming HQ. The postman has no idea what he’s in for!

Two from Amazon and a kit from our boys at Gundam Gateway. Let’s start with the Amazon packages.

Tamiya X-20A Thinner. I’ve seen this product in pretty much all the build videos on the Studio G YouTube channel, this is used to clean down parts after applying Panel Line Accent paint (still waiting on delivery). This adds a surprising amount of detail to the finished build.

Next up is a much-needed workstation tool. An LED Magnifying Lamp with swivel arm and desk clamp. The lighting in the office isn’t fantastic and I forever have a shadow in front of me when building and a lot of the smaller parts on runners are cast into darkness.

The x5 magnification is also rather convenient when working with the more detailed components and when applying stickers/decals.

Assembly is very straight forward and simply clamps to the side of the desk.

Gunpla time. This is a big kit! The RG RX-93 Nu Gundam from Gundam Gateway. A Real Grade kit this early on you say? After taking a quick peek inside, I don’t feel confident enough to build this quite yet but it’s something to aspire towards…

There are more High Grade and Master Grade kits inbound. Once I work my way through those, I’ll hopefully be ready to tackle this.

This is a sizeable kit, much larger than your usual 1/144 scale Mobile Suits. An absolute joy to build with outstanding quality plastic and solid pose-ability even with the fin-funnels attached.

If you are looking to graduate from High Grade, this kit will show you everything Real Grade has to offer with amazing details and armor gimmicks.

Twelve runners and quite the beefy instruction manual… Yep, there’s a pretty clear difference between Real and High-Grade kits!

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