Journey into Gunpla #004

Not a terribly exciting post ahead, you’ve been warned…

When I first starting building Gunpla, the Citadel Knife was the only knife in my arsenal. At the time, it did exactly what was required. As the kits progressed in grades and detail, the Citadel Knife quickly became obsolete.

Out with the Old

In with the New! The Olfa AK-5 Designer’s Art Knife, this little guy has already proven itself worthy to be part of the toolkit. May I add, the Olfa AK-5 is half the price! Much more knife for the price.

It comes with 30, that’s right 30 replacement blades and a plastic stand which doubles as a holder for the replacement blades.

The finer builds make detailing smaller Gunpla parts much easier and can mean less sanding. I highly recommend the Olfa AK-5, this knife made building the Barbatos much easier!

Next tool to be replaced, the Citadel cutters. Godhand SPN-120 perhaps…

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