HG Hajiroboshi 1/144

It’s time for another Gunpla build. This kit was purchased from the guys at Gundam Gateway, who we have talked about in a previous post.

Today we are building the HG Hajiroboshi, a slight change of pace from the RX-78-2 in terms of complexity but the kit looks great and comes highly recommended.

From the mobile game Iron Blooded Orphans Urdr-Hunt. This guy is rather beefy compared to your average Mobile Suit, featuring a Smart Mace, 110mm Short Range Rifle and Crab Shield. The armor is quite unusual but looks awesome. Let’s dive in and have a look at the contents.

The Hajiroboshi kit consists of six runners and one set of adhesive stickers.

Kit Info:

• Weight – 0.6kg
• Dimensions – 33 x 22 x 10cm
• Scale – 1/144
• Grade – High Grade

Let’s get building!

Right Arm
Right Leg
Making Progress
Looking sharp! Serious amount of armor.
More practice with stickers needed…

Time for a breather… So far, this kit has been slightly more challenging than the RX-78-2. Let the record show, I have a strong dislike towards those tiny little stickers on the head. With more practice, this obstacle shouldn’t be around for much longer.

Speaking of practice, Be patient and take your time with your Gunpla kits. Make sure those gate nubs are trimmed and sanded before assembling. Only after taking the above photos, I noticed a fair amount of nubs left behind. Hopefully these will be removed before going on an action base.

The end result is worth it! Build at your own pace, stick on some tunes or even a few episodes of the 1995 Gundam Wing animated series. Dialogue hasn’t aged well but still enjoyable for some background binging while building.

Crab Shield

There is still so much to learn but damn! These kits are so enjoyable and relaxing to build. This guy was slightly challenging at times but overall, I am very happy with the fully assembled Hajiroboshi.

Once again, this kit was purchased on Gundam Gateway. A UK based Gunpla store for £21.50. If you’re interested in this kit or on the lookout for a UK based supplier, be sure to check them out!

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