PG Unleashed RX-78-2

Like so many Gunpla builders out there, I also watched Adam Savage’s Tested video on the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 and was absolutely blown away with the level of detail and the sheer scale of this Grandaddy Gundam!

I had to have this kit! It also just so happened that our boys at Gundam Gateway had a couple in stock. At an eyewatering £250, the PGU is the most expensive and largest project undertaken on this blog with the MGEX (buildlog coming soon) a close second.

HG Zaku II for scale

The box for this guy is enormous! The PG Unleashed RX-78-2 is a 1/60 scale after all…

The RX-78-2 or ‘Grandaddy Gundam’ is by far one of the most recognizable Mobile Suits from the Gundam universe and one we have built on this blog before, the HG Beyond Global, and my very first kit the HGUC RX-78-2. There is also an RG (Real Grade) variant in the Terror-Byte Gaming Gunpla backlog and I have my eye on a MG (Master Grade) as well.

Starting to see some LED parts

When building the Head Unit, I noticed that I had actually lost the metal Vulcan parts… Still missing months after finishing this build I might add! But, thanks to the US-based service Mecha Parts Guy, I was able to order replacement parts and continue on with the build.

Time to add the armor pieces!

The dual Vulcans were really a crucial part of this build and just wouldn’t have looked the same with them missing!

Time to assemble some weapons.

Of course, the Perfect Grade version includes the iconic Beam Saber, but this one is a little different… This one attaches to a little battery inside the grip!

The Shield, iconic and can so distinguishable from that of any other Mobile Suit. The shield included with this kit looks fantastic and is attached to the main body of the kit via magnets or the carrying handle

The PGU build is split into 5 Phases, with each phase focusing on building up from the inner frame, detail on the inner frame, and adding the armor. Rather different from other kits we’ve assembled on this blog but rather good.

Completed Core Fighter

The Core Fighter – Quite fiddly to assemble but the end result is extremely impressive. How it folds and fits into the main body of the PGU is true innovation from Bandai!

The final stages of this monstrous build are upon us and what a journey it has been! The sheer scale, losing parts mid-build, and finally getting to the sticker portion. The PGU includes two types of stickers – Metallic 3D stickers and a substantial sheet of standard stickers.

Yes, you read that correctly… Stickers! No waterslides are included with this £250 kit… Once you go waterslide, it’s rather difficult to go back to the less forgiving stickers. THat being said, the included stickers do look great.

My first kit in the shadow of the PGU

Time to wrap up this buildlog as it’s long past its due date on this blog! If you’re looking for a huge kit with extreme levels of detail, grab the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 ASAP. It’s an absolute treat to build and the finished build is breathtaking.

We are proud to award this kit with our highest honors!

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