P-Bandai HG Pale Rider Cavalry

A number of months ago, I spotted a kit for pre-order over on the Armour of God website. From the manga series ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link‘.

I’ve picked up a few kits from Armour of God in the past. If you’re in the UK and looking to scratch that Gunpla itch and pre-order some of P-Bandai goodies, be sure to check them out.

I decided to place an order for this kit, even though our Journey into Gunpla was very much in it’s infancy and had no real idea at the time that this hobby would snowball like it has…

The Pale Rider Cavaly features in the PS3 title and Manga ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link‘ and his piloted by Travis Kirkland.

The guys at Gundam Gateway were kind enough to send me out a Gundam Marker EX to try out. The silver paint turned out really well on parts of the leg! It makes a surprising difference for very little effort…

The body of the Pale Rider is complete, so many stickers!

The Pale Rider is equipped with a formidable lineup of weapons! Below the Beam Sabres you’ll see the Composite Weapon “Shekinah”.

The Composite Weapon “Shekinah” combines three different weapons into one piece of equipment: a giant gatling gun, a mega beam launcher, and a micro missile launcher. With this weapon’s versatility, the Pale Rider Cavalry can handle various combat situation, from close-range engagements that commands high mobility to long-range shelling.

Source: Gundam Wiki

My first P Bandai kit was certainly an experience! From the initial pre-order, the anticipation of it’s arrival, finally getting down to some building and panel lining for dessert.

We are going to award the P Bandai HG Pale Rider Cavalry with our Bronze award. The stickers were a tad off-putting but the overall kit was very enjoyable.

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