MG Sazabi Ver Ka

This absolute monster of a Mobile Suit appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. The Sazabi was constructed by Anaheim Electronics and piloted by the infamous Char Aznable.

The MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka (MG) is by far the largest and most ambitious Gunpla kit we’ve assembled so far and we’ve pulled out all the stops. This kit was purchased from Gundam Gateway, a UK based vendor with a fantastic range of Gunpla kits and accessories.

The gents at JL Gunpla stock a number of aftermarket modifications for this kit and we’ve picked up a few to add to the Sazabi.

The CJ Hobby Metal Energy Cables and CJ Hobby Metal Piston Set are going to look fantastic!

At the moment, I’m also building the MG Barbatos. It’s very early in both kits but the scale of the Sazabi is starting to make itself known.

The assembled Waist unit before the metal parts are added. This is the first time I’ve attempted a mod like this and it was rather daunting… Additional tools had to be purchased, quite a bit of research was done and now it’s time to add the first batch of metal energy cables.

That is quite the contrast! The original yellow energy cables were just too dull and underwhelming. The gold color and extra detail are much bolder.

The second batch of metal energy cables will be under the head. These ones will be a little trickier to add.

Again, the stock energy cables were a little boring. The metal parts are sure to make this area punch!

The point of no return. A pin vice was on the shopping list for later work planned but the Sazabi needed it. After removing the dull grey energy cables, the pressure was on to make this work. As many of you know, it’s rather difficult to source replacement Gunpla parts in the UK.

The finished mod looks fantastic! With more practice in the future, I can see more metal parts being added to more kits in the backlog.

Speaking of backlogs, be sure to check out the Terror-Byte Gaming Gunpla backlog.

The Bandai Green MG LED Unit Set we also picked up from Gundam Gateway was another necessary aftermarket purchase. The LED unit inside the head of the Sazabi looks amazing!

Onto the arms, we also received some metal parts for these. The standard grey pistons are not enough for this kit.

Past the point of no return once again with this build. The original plastic pistons were easily removed with the old citadel cutters, little holes drilled out with the pin vice and the new shiny metal pistons look rather awesome in their place!

Adding these metal parts as I mentioned before has been a challenge but on this Journey into Gunpla, it requires patience above pretty much all else. Patience and the eagerness to carry on.

There are countless resources online for builders seeking to hone their craft. Tutorials on YouTube and Twitch, to the sheer volume of high quality tools to get your Gunpla looking great.

Due to the rather lengthy construction time of this kit, I decided to do some of the panel lining and decals as I went along. Normally this would be left until the very end and after disassembling.

The anticipation was getting to me and I needed to see how this guy how would look on completion. This is my first time using waterslide decals and there is still much to learn.

The build so far is rather substantial, the Sazabi is going to need rather sizeable legs and feet if it’s going to be able to support itself…

The final metal pistons have been added. Not sure if these will even be seen but the practice has been very helpful for future mods.

The basic construction is now complete! The journey this far has been great fun and rather informative with a number of new skills picked up along the way.

It’s time to get some more decals applied and panel lining.

The Funnel rack and backpack of the MG Sazabi was a little different from previous builds. A tad tricky at times but the overall finished product is impressive.

The DSPIAE AT-TV Omni-Directional Table Top Vise was used quite a few times during this build. It was particularly useful when applying the waterslide decals.

It’s finished! Due to work commitments, this kit has taken well over a month… However, it has been thoroughly enjoyable throughout and we highly recommend this kit to all you avid builders out there.

We are proud to give this kit not only our Builders Choice Award but also the Editors Choice Award.

The MG Sazabi VerKa was purchased from our boys at Gundam Gateway and if you’re interested in purchasing, be sure to sign up for stock alerts on their website.

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