GunPrimer – Sand Loop Flex Review

The innovators at GunPrimer have been hard at work once again. We’ve had our hands on their new Sand-Loop Flex sponges for a while now but have not been able to talk about them publicly. Now that they’re officially on sale on the GunPrimer webstore, let’s take a look!

Sanding products, this is an area of hobby supplies that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing. There is an absolutely massive variety of sanding products available at the moment, it’s actually ridiculous how spoiled we are for choice!

GunPrimer are well known for their innovative products such as the Gate Remover Set, Raser The Black set and their RASER+ Super-Nano Technology Tempered Glass files.

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The Sand-Loop Flex sets are available in four grit variations or a set which contains all four (10% discount when you buy the full set) #200, #400, #600 and #800. The Flex sponges are packaged discreetly in blister packs, with the product name and grit. Low profile, nothing more needs to be said.

Each pack of Sand-Loop Flex contain three sponges and the dimensions are as follows: 27x88x5mm.

Like with all sanding/polishing products, your experiences may vary. Sanding is down to a quality product and technique. Practice and more practice will help you achieve that sweet smooth shiny finish!

GunPrimer have included an infographic on the product page for the Sand-Loop Flex sponges.


As I mentioned above, your own experiences with the Sand-Loop Flex may vary. Here at Terror-Byte Gaming HQ, they have scored high marks across the board!

However, we would like to see some higher grit versions in future. #1000 – #5000 grit sponges would be ideal to finish off the set.

It’s time to wrap up, we are proud to award the Sand-Loop Flex sponges from GunPrimer our Builders Choice award!

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