Journey into Gunpla #011

A few kits were back in stock with our boys at Gundam Gateway! We’ve been waiting on these Gundam 00 Mobile Suits and several others for quite some time. The backlog was non-existent to this point and this had to be dealt with!

Having both of these kits displayed with some rather fitting aftermarket accessories are sure to look fantastic!

The first shipment arrived from our boys at Gundam Gateway

The MG Dynames and MG Kyrios have been on the to-buy list for quite some time and I had quite a few Gunpla Points saved up on Gundam Gateway. The Bandai LED kits can be used in both kits. One is also being used on the MG Sazabi ver.ka (buildlog coming soon).

Next, we have something which we have never purchased before on our Journey into Gunpla. Aftermarket parts for customizing a kit! I spotted these metal parts for the Sazabi on JL Gunpla and had to pick them up.

JL Gunpla are a UK based online retailer, who specialize in commission builds but also stock an impressive range of aftermarket parts to make your Mobile Suits have a really impressive stance on display.

These range from metal thrusters to weapon parts. I decided to pick up the CJ Hobby Metal Energy Cables and CJ Hobby Metal Piston Set for MG Sazabi Ver. Ka and a pack of HD Metal Grill Mesh Detail Up 0.3mm PART 23.

They look absolutely fantastic when added to the kit so be sure to keep an eye out for our Sazabi buildlog.

So, be sure to check out the two awesome stores we’ve shopped with in the edition of Journey into Gunpla. You will find the kits you want to build and the accessories you need to make them look epic!

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