RG Force Impulse

It’s been quite some time since I last assembled a Real Grade kit. There are so many to choose from and the scale is rather enjoyable to build. The easiest way to them is the scale of a High Grade (HG) and the detail of a Master Grade (MG).

Real Grade kits are much more space efficient but look much better than the High Grades. However, due to the amount of detail in such a small form-factor, they can be quite tricky to build at times.

In this build log, we’re building the RG Force Impulse from the Mobile Suit Gundam: SEED Destiny television series. This Mobile Suit was first piloted by Shinn Asuka and later by Lunamaria Hawke.

I was browsing through various Gunpla retailers looking for something different to build and stumbled upon the Force Impulse on the Gundam Gateway store. They recently changed their shipping method and received the kit in less than two days!

The RG Force Impulse is now fully assembled! It’s been quite some time since I built the RG Tallgeese EW. Real Grades are a nice change of pace from the MG kits that I’ve been building on this blog and on our Twitch channel.

These kits are much easier to store but, can also be a bit trickier at times due to the smaller scale.

Disassemble and panel lining

A lot more practice is still required with panel lining… But! As I’ve said time and time again on this blog, patience is key to enjoying this hobby. If you feel like you haven’t done something well or could have been done better, just keep doing it!

Whether it’s removing nub marks, sanding, panel lining or even just posing. Keep practicing and keep building!

Now, what rating to give this kit? I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the building process and was also able to practice some panel lining.

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