GunPrimer – Gate Remover Set Review

It’s time for another review from the GunPrimer line of products. They were kind enough to send us their “Gate Remover Set” to try out. I’ve had my eye on their Raser super-nano files for quite a while now and it’s time to put one through it’s paces!

The GunPrimer Gate Remover Set includes the following:

  • Raser v1.5 Gate Remover
  • Balancer Gloss Polisher
  • Recover Semi-Gloss Polisher clothes 90x90mm x 2
  • Storage Box

Presentation with GunPrimer was top shelf with their Raser the Black kit and the Gate Remover Kit carries on with the same sleek aesthetic. A black presentation box which also doubles as a storage box for your hobby supplies, once the inner foam lining has been removed.

Also, don’t forget to use code terrorbytegaming10 for 10% off your GunPrimer order!

The Polisher Balancer, I have used before in the Raser the Black kit and has been used in every kit build since it’s arrival. After a heavy sanding session to remove those nub marks, the Balancer adds a phenomenal shine.

With my initial order from GunPrimer, I ordered a pack of their Recover Semi-Gloss Polisher clothes but didn’t get round to reviewing them in the previous post.

The Gate Remover Set also includes two smaller Recover clothes. These little clothes are perfect for cleaning up parts after using the Balancer.

The final item and one I’ve been most eager to try out, the Raser v1.5 super-nano glass file. These tools have been popping up more and more on the gunpla scene and GunPrimer have been leading the charge with their Raser files.

Photo from

With any sanding and Gunpla tools in general, your mileage will vary depending on how the products are used. With patience and repetition, you will get the results you seek.

I’ve found with the Raser v1.5, it works best with clear and blue parts. I’ve found that sanding blue parts, leads to a lengthy clean-up session with many grits of sandpaper.

This little tempered glass file measures at 11x90x3mm and is also lightweight, making it very easy to use. Even during those longer binge building sessions.

Would I recommend this kit? Absolutely, GunPrimer have again knocked it out of the park with their Gate Remover Set. The presentation is top shelf just like their Raser The Black as well as the quality.

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