HobbyZone Modular

I started my Journey into Gunpla with a modest hobby toolkit. With every finished kit, tools were added to the set for various uses when building. To be honest, it was getting out of hand! When streaming a Gunpla build on our Twitch channel, the right tools were not in reach or were tucked away.

My “most used tools” were kept in a small wooden box were starting to pile up… More drawers and organization could help.

A better storage and management system was needed to optimize the build space. Enter HobbyZone, A Polish company which specializes in Modular storage and display solutions to help keep your tools organized and secure.

HobbyZone have a rather substantial lineup for their Modular Workshop System which aims to cover all your hobby needs. From a simple Two-Drawer Module to their Corner Drawers Module

Sourcing their products in the UK? Now that’s a different matter entirely! The amount of stores I checked, two items in particular were needed to optimize the space in the workstation. The OM02b – Drawers Module x 2 and OM14 Storage Hutch Module are somewhat allusive right now in the UK, one store fortunately had both in stock!

ScaleModelShop. These guys had both Modules in stock and shipping was incredibly fast, considering the current pandemic.

The HobbyZone Modular Systems are shipped flatpack, which saves on postage but also means the kits need assembled. Gorilla wood glue or even superglue will do the trick, I opted for wood glue but this takes a little longer to set and requires some pressure to get the process started.

Assembly was rather simple but with wood glue does take a few hours to set.

The end result? I’ve now been able to add two more drawers for tool storage, a little display for three High Grade kits which will have an LED strip installed in once the USB extension arrives.

It has been many years since I’ve had to use wood glue and assemble something like this. The HobbyZone Modular System is not a Billy Bookcase… Saying that, the assembly process was not a lengthy one. The longest part was waiting for the glue to set.

The finish of the kits is crying out for customization, and I just happen to have a hefty stack of Gunpla stickers at the ready! Once they’re all applied, I’ll stick a photo on our Instagram.

The LED placement could be much better, so apologies in advance. This photo below does offer a somewhat fair representation of how an LED lit OM14 Storage Hutch Module will look.

Would I recommend these products? It’s a hard yes from Terror-Byte Gaming and the Builders Choice Award is well earned.

I’m already measuring the hobby area for additional modules!

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