HG Barbatos 1/144

Another kit from the 2015 Sunrise sensation Iron Blooded Orphans? Yes indeed. The show seems to be picking up quite a lot of traction at the moment. This could be due to the current pandemic and the Netflix binges that ensued…

If you haven’t already watched it, I highly recommend doing so. IBO (Iron Blooded Orphans) and Gundam Wing are two of my favorite Gundam-based Animes.

The Mobile Suit walking tall in this series, Barbatos piloted by the troublingly poor conversationalist Mikazuki Augus.

We first encounter Barbatos, underground the former Chryse Guard Security (CGS) Headquarters on Mars shortly after Gjallarhorn attacked the compound. This is also the first time Mikazuki meets Ein… Barbatos lay immobile within the former CGS compound and it’s Ahab Reactor was actually used to power the facility.

The stock of Gunpla kits in the UK is still pretty scarce and certain kits just aren’t available here at all. I ordered this kit a few weeks back from HobbySearch, along with the RX-121-1 Hazel-Custom (HGUC). A post about this delivery is also on this blog – Journey into Gunpla #008.

It’s time to build! The worktop was tidied of anything unnecessary and the tools has been amassed.

Tools at the ready

Decided to experiment and add some paint to the HG Barbatos legs. A little Citadel Runefang Steel has really made the cables on the back of the legs stand out!

Might paint more in future builds…
Left and Right Arms – Too many stickers!

Now, that’s all the pieces put together. Let’s take a gander at the completed HG Barbatos 1/144.

Yes, I’m aware that this was just a High Grade kit and a smaller amount of color separation is to be expected but with the likes of the red accents on the shoulder pads… This really should be separate pieces, might have to paint these as the stickers just don’t have that punch.

Overall, a decent kit and a fine addition to the collection for you Iron Blooded Orphans fans.

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