Journey into Gunpla #009

The Terror-Byte Gaming Blog and our ‘Journey Into Gunpla’ series of posts are just over four months old now and what a journey it’s been so far!

The kits that have been assembled, the tools that have been tested and reviewed and the awesome people we’ve met. From fellow builders, store owners and manufacturers of some awesome tools.

For my 31st Birthday, one of the admins here at Terror-Byte Gaming sent me my very first kit (HG RX-72-2) I honestly had no idea how far that one gesture would escalate! Shortly after assembling that first kit, I bought another from Gundam Gateway a UK based Gunpla retailer.

My first kit HG RX-78-2

They were actually the spark that set this whole thing in motion! We were chatting about what we could do to promote the store and help get more people into Gunpla. Thus the new Terror-Byte Gaming blog was born!

Since my first RX-78-2, many more Gunpla kits have been assembled with quite a few waiting. Snowballed would be an accurate word.

The Wing Gundam Zero EW still needs to be built (at time of posting) This was a highly anticipated kit with lots of buzz on the Gunpla groups. Bought this kit from Gundam Gateway and sold out very quickly!

We have also branched out into reviewing tools for building. I would still consider myself very much a beginner to this hobby and it’s with that in mind, I find myself in a position to be able to recommend and review tools for fellow newcomers to the hobby.


Terror-Byte Gaming are now Official Influencers for Korean sanding and scribing gurus Gun Primer and we have reviewed their Raser The Black kit right here on this blog, so be sure to check that out!

Also, when making a purchase. Be sure to use code terrorbytegaming10 for 10% off your basket.

The next kit to be built from the backlog is the mighty MG Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka as a huge fan of the Gundam Wing series and Endless Waltz, the Gundam kits are an essential pickup! I’ve already built the HG Heavy Arms, MG Heavy Arms EW, Deathscythe-Hell EW Ver. and RG Tallgeese EW.

Very excited for the latest version of the Wing gunpla kit. This was of course picked up from our boys at Gundam Gateway.

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