GunPrimer – Raser The Black Review

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Terror-Byte Gaming blog Home Page, you may have spotted the GunPrimer logo sitting there looking rather smug. We are proud to announce that we are now partnered with the Korean based company and this will be the first of many reviews on their product lineup.

If after reading this review, you’re interested in purchasing this kit or any other GunPrimer products. Be sure to use our discount code terrorbytegaming10 for 10% off your order.

The Raser The Black kit. A sanding set aimed at getting those parts looking smooth and neat.

The first thing which stood out to me about the GunPrimer products, the presentation is something you’d expect from a Cross or Parker pen. A sleek, foam lined presentation box with modest branding.

This being their Flagship product, you can see why they want to leave a lasting impression.

Priced at $42 plus shipping, this kit does include a premium price tag. Let’s see if the saying “you get what you pay for” applies.

The Raser The Black kit includes the following:

  • x1 Raser The Black sanding handle
  • x2 sheets of sandpaper (x1 400, x1 600 grit)
  • x1 Grey Balancer (scratch remover)
  • x1 White balancer (polisher)
  • Storage box

The sanding handle is made from 60161 aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to use over a lengthy build. The logo side of the handle has fine notches machined for grip.

With other sanding sticks on the market. You simply stick the paper onto the handle with adhesive and when replacing, you’re stuck with the old paper in place. This often results in a somewhat tedious removal process.

The Raser The Black handle includes what GunPrimer call a “Magic-Hook” design. This allows for quick and easy replacement of sandpaper from the handle. This elegant design ensures a smooth and level sanding surface and longevity of the product.

One small con, you do have to cut the sandpaper yourself before sticking in on the handle. Not a product-crippling con by any means, I have actually pre-cut the sheets of sandpaper. Perhaps in future batches, GunPrimer do this for us…

Just a thought.

With any sanding product, your mileage may vary and replies heavily on patience, practice and technique. Starting with a heavier grit and working your way to the lighter.

That was a nice segue to the next items included with the Raser The Black kit.

The Balancer, two are included as mentioned above. A white and grey. The Grey for that last bit of scratch removal and the white to get your pieces polished and finally ready for assembly.

It’s time to dust off this review and get to the conclusion. Would I recommend the Raser The Black kit?

Absolutely, the presentation is sleek. The product does exactly as advertised and with my sanding skills as they currently sit, I’m very happy with the end results. With that being said, we are proud to give this product not only our Builders Choice Award but also our Editors Choice also.

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