Game Collectors #006

We heard that the Manager of Geek Retreat Lisburn is a Collector! We had to reach out and check out his game collection.

If you would like to share your thoughts and collections. Please get in touch via our social media platforms or drop us an email or get in touch via social media.

What platforms do you collect?

I have the following platforms:
PlayStation 1
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3 x2
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

What are you playing at the moment and on which platform?

I’m currently playing Turok (N64) on Switch by Limited Run Games… and always go back to Total Annihilation: Escalation

Do you prefer digital downloads or hard copy games and why?

Prefer hard copies for my consoles but happy to collect digital on PC

I prefer hard copies for consoles with the likes of PSN stopping for PS3 and 4 in the future you would no longer have access to your digital games.

On PC however I don’t mind having digital as the likes of steam or GOG are not going away in my lifetime…

How many physical games do you own?

Ps1 272 games
Ps2 197 games
Ps3 155 games
Ps4 67 games
N64 22 games
Switch 36 games
PC over 500 digital and 50 hard copies

What is your favorite platform to date?


What is your favorite game to date?

My favorite game of all time is between Total Annihilation on PC and Doom/Final doom on Ps1. I must mention Doom/Final Doom on Ps1, it has been my go-to since release although graphically a weaker version compared to the original PC release with its new soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges. It is far superior to the PC original in turning it into the dark essence of doom I found lacking in the PC version.

How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting since 1992, and wished I had kept my Sega Master System and Megadrive. I would also love to have a Dreamcast in my collection too!

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