Graze Ein HG 1/144

Iron Blooded Orphans Spoilers Ahead

Towards the finale of the awesome series ‘Iron Blooded Orphans‘ the gravely injured Gjallarhorn Second Lieutenant Ein Dalton was essentially entombed in the experimental Mobile Suit ‘EB-AX2 Graze’.

Driven by revenge for the demise of First Lieutenant Crank Zent, The Graze Ein entered Edmonton in pursuit of Kudelia Aina Bernstein.

This Mobile Suit would be the final resting place of Ein after he fought with Mikazuki and Barbatos, although the fight would be a close one!

This kit was sent to me from a Reddit Gifts member a little while ago. After finishing season one of Iron Blooded Orphans again, it seemed rather fitting to put this kit together. A High Grade Barbatos also arrived recently, these guys will sit nicely together on the shelf.

Building High Grade kits, allows me to hone certain skills such as sanding and general building. The pieces have much less color separation and are easier to work with. Also, certain Mobile Suits didn’t have releases in other grades.

Graze Ein HG 1/144 Box Art

Time to get stuck in with this kit! With every completed kit, I definitely see an improvement with sanding and overall assembly.

Head near completion
Left and Right Arms
Left and Right Legs
Fully Assembled Graze Ein

The weapons for this kit were rather simple… Two pieces for each Axe and the 40mm Retractable Shoulder Machine Guns

Custom Large Axes
Axes holstered

Overall, the HG 1/144 Graze Ein kit is an enjoyable build and a must-have for the Gunpla building Iron Blooded Orphans fan. It features in one of the pinnacle moments of Season One and leaves quite an impact.

If you can find this kit in-stock with your preferred retailers, it’s priced from £15.99 to £45.

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