Journey into Gunpla #008

When the postman and couriers come knocking, it’s always an exciting time for the Gunpla builders and game collectors alike. Goodies have arrived at Terror-Byte Gaming HQ!

A week ago today, an order was dispatched from Asakusa Japan. An order from HobbySearch. International shipping to the UK is definitely getting better. These guys take great care when packing your order and spare no expense with their packing materials.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm supporter of local Gunpla retailers, but some kits are either not selling well enough in the UK or they just sell out rather quickly. From one extreme to another.

Gundam Barbatos (HG) Now, these guys sell out almost instantly from my usual haunts. Like many, Iron Blooded Orphans is one of my favorite Gundam based shows and with the two seasons readily available on Netflix and Crunchyroll. It’s too easy to fall into a binge and head straight over to the Gunpla stores and pick up a Barbatos kit!

I’ve had my eye on the HG MS OPTION SET 1 & CGS MOBILE WORKER upgrade kit from our Boys at Armor of God but it requires a High Grade kit. Also, I couldn’t be the only Builder that wants a Master Grade Mobile Worker kit. Those guys played such a role in the series.

RX-121-1 Hazel-Custom (HGUC) from the Universal Century timeline. A Mobile Suit from the Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans novel series.

Ordering kits from Japan to the UK is a rather effortless experience, there is a large selection of Gunpla available which more often than not, don’t make it to the UK market. When ordering, be sure to take the shipping into consideration and make your order worthwhile.

I also added a pack of paint markers to my order, these guys always come in handy.

There are more tools from Japan and South Korea on the way! A blog post will be published once they arrive.

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