Journey into Gunpla #007

Something interesting that happened recently on my Journey into Gunpla. With the holiday season not long behind us and the UK being dragged through yet another lockdown, the reserves of Gunpla within the UK based stores have been heavily depleted.

Some Amazon vouchers had tallied up and the MG 1/100 Heavyarms EW was in my sights! It wasn’t an Amazon Prime order, no! This guy was coming from Japan… Two weeks and some surprisingly accurate tracking. There was a knock at the door by Mr. FedEx Man.

HG XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms… A High Grade?! Right, this was clearly an oversite. I got in touch with the seller through Amazon and received a reply quite quickly, they acknowledged that they did in fact send the wrong kit and the correct one would be posted out the next day!

I was told that I could actually keep the HG kit, a mighty fine gesture!

This dude is teeny!

Three days later and with the same surprisingly detailed tracking later (yes, three days) there was a knock on the door of Terror-Byte HQ. It was Mr. FedEx once again.

That’s more like it! Even before opening the package, I knew they got the order correct this time. This is one impressive looking kit.

Trowa looks comfortable!
Even now, the size difference is shocking
Got munitions?
Very impressive articulation
That’s a big leg…
Who needs an additional weapon

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