Game Collectors #004

We’re back with another Game Collectors! In this post, we have the returned questionnaire from Instagrammer and gaming enthusiast @phonexus_

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What platforms do you collect?

I have a bit of everything really! Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. The PlayStation is what started it all though,

How many physical games do you own?

Nothing too impressive, unfortunately! I have about 150 physical games. I have a bunch of old ones at my parents place too. The classic PlayStation games like Final Fantasy.

How many digital games do you own?

I only actually own over a handful of digital games. Like maybe 20ish games. Ever since Xbox introduced Game Pass, digital games are so much easier to obtain and they’re constantly updating their library with either brand new games or games from the past.

It’s just a matter of jumping on there and seeing what mood I’m in on the day.

Do you prefer digital downloads or hard copy games and why?

You see. I was born in an era where digital was slowly becoming a thing, but I always preferred hard copies. There’s something satisfying about looking at a shelf full of games and thinking “Wow… I have nothing to play”. But, it’s also interesting to see how far games have come over the years.

Having said that, digital is just more convenient and that’s the age we live in.

I have migrated to PC as of last year so that is likely to change the digital collection.

What is your favorite platform?

It’s gotta be Xbox. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up playing games on the PlayStation, but when I moved out of my parent’s house, the Xbox is all I played on. I would share a 360 with my partner.

We then upgraded to an Xbox One but it got to the point where I wanted my own so I could play games with him and our friends and it’s just been like that ever since. Admittingly, I haven’t jumped into purchasing the latest one, but Xbox holds a special place in my heart. It’s where my gaming family are.

How long have you been collecting?

About nine years, but I’m not too hardcore like other collectors. There are some impressive collections out there!

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