Game Collectors #001

In our last post, I talked about my preference in physical media over digital. Since publishing, we have reached out to a few collectors and some have gotten in touch with us to talk about their collections.

If you would like to share your thoughts and collections. Please get in touch via our social media platforms or drop us an email or get in touch via social media.


What platforms do you collect?

I pretty much try to collect for every system I own to a degree, it really depends on what I’m into at the moment.

How many physical games do you own?

As of right now I own around 2661 physical games across A number of different systems.

How many digital games do you own?

As for digital games I probably have around 200ish (I’d have to double-check) most of which are on my Nintendo Switch!

Do you prefer digital downloads or hard copy games and why?

I generally prefer to collect games physically when possible as digital games can be removed from digital storefronts at any time and can end up being lost, and I prefer to be able to preserve gaming history when I can.

What is your favorite platform?

As for my favorite platform I’ve always had a particular attachment to the Playstation line of system, mostly due to growing up with a ps1 back in the day!

How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting games pretty much since the late ’90s although a didn’t really get serious about it until 2009 when I acquired my Sega Dreamcast.

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