It’s time for another build log and it’s another Gundam Wing Mobile Suit! The HG WMS-03 MAGANAC Middle Eastern Nations Mass Produced Mobile-Suit. This kit was purchased not long after the listing went live on the Armor of God website and at the time of writing this post cost only £12.99! That’s right, this is one competitively priced High Grade kit!

We’ve seen the new EG RX-78-2 selling for more than that! An absolute steal.

One of my favorite moments when assembling a kit, having everything opened and laid out. Tools at the ready and a brief flick through the instructions.

Based on the amount of parts, this kit shouldn’t take long to assemble but I will be taking my time as always. Doing just a few steps or a page in a sitting. I’ve found that if you try to do too much, you either get burned out, start rushing and making mistakes or even start to lose interest in the project.

The assembled Body. The color scheme for the MAGANAC is rather simple but if you’ve watched Gundam Wing, you’ll know that the mass-produced Mobile Suits all have basic paint jobs and uniformed armor. The MAGANAC is more of a desert based Mobile Suit.

When I first started building Gunpla, the stickers were always the bane of the build. Slowly but surely I’m gaining the confidence to use these more.

The head doesn’t have a massive amount of detail or distinguishing features but the small purple sticker does stand out.

Being a High Grade (HG) kit, there isn’t a huge amount of color separation but instead using stickers. This doesn’t look as good unfortunately.

Complete! The HG WMS-03 MAGANAC Middle Eastern Nations Mass Produced Mobile-Suit was an absolute delight to build. One of my preferred Mass Produced Suits from the Gundam Universe. As mentioned above, this kit was only £12.99! A bargain, always be sure to shop around for those Gunpla kits.

More practice is still needed when applying stickers but we’ll get there…

Technology and Combat Characteristics

“The WMS-03 Maganac was a mobile suit developed by the countries of the Middle East to counter OZ and the United Earth Sphere Alliance. Intended for operations in the desert, an unusual environment for mobile suits, the Maganac was given high dust-proof capabilities and mobility. Despite being mobile suits with specifications close to local types, they have high versatility and their performance surpassed the OZ-06MS Leo. The Maganac was also developed to be operated in cooperation with the XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock. Almost all of the 40 units were individually customized to have different abilities and traits such as enhanced melee combat capabilities and communication functions depending on their pilots’ skills and roles, there is also the commander type piloted by Rasid Kurama, the leader of the Corps. They can also be adapted for operations in space.”

Source – The Gundam Wiki

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