Journey into Gunpla #005

The reserve of Gunpla kits was exhausted much quicker than originally anticipated…

I needed kits stat! With the current pandemic situation and the holidays fast approaching, it has proven somewhat difficult to source the kits I wanted for the collection. One of my favorite Gundam related shows is of course Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and the Deathscythe Hell is one fine looking kit. The original Deathscythe is also on the wishlist and will be purchased soon enough.

Enter GundamShop a UK-based Gunpla store. They had the Deathscythe Hell MG in stock at the time of writing this post. I’ve had my eye on this kit for quite some time, even before I received my first kit and was in the research phase of the hobby.

Being a Master Grade (MG) kit, the detail is absolute superb. Good color separation with highly detailed parts. It was one of the most complex Gunplas I’ve assembled to date. The payoff however was definitely worth it!

As mentioned above, the holiday season plus the ongoing global pandemic has severely hit the UK stock of Gundam kits! Shipping from overseas has ground to an almost halt and with a sizeable amount of people either self-isolated or working from home, Gunpla hobbyists are stocking up!

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