RG Tallgeese EW 1/144

The series Gundam Wing remains one of my favorite Mobile Suit related animated shows. The Tallgeese in the series differs slightly from the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz version that we’re building in this log.

This kit was purchased from Amazon as it was on sale at the time.

This is my second RG (Real Grade) kit and it’s still quite the challenge to build. However, the level of detail is just too hard to resist! The kits look fantastic and there is so much more to them.

The armor plating seem to have a much sleeker surface than the previous kits we’ve built. The plastic is also much more brittle.

Legs and Waist Unit assembled

Where the undergate connects to the leg units, this was a first for me. It was rather unusual and quite tricky to get them aligned. Trial and error, nailed it for next time!

Backpack Vernier

These! Now, these were fun to build. The level of detail and intricacy in the Tallgeese Backpack Vernier actually surprised me. As you’ll see later, these guys fully open out in a very impressive way.

Fully opened Backpack Vernier
Chest Unit

Nothing out of the ordinary with the Chest Unit, apart from the mounts for the Backpack Vernier. More of that nice shiny plastic that we seen on the Leg Units.

Arm Units

I may have messed up a little on the Right Arm unit… Where the shoulder armor connects to the upper arm, there was a piece that had to be screwed 180° and it would then lock into place. Yep. In a fleeting moment of concentration lapse, the piece was turned 360° and snapped!

Thankfully, the arm remains in place but is a little loose.


Quite a small shield for a Mobile Suit? The shoulder-mounted Dober Gun is highly detailed with moving slide and removable magazine.


The Tallgeese EW has been assembled and looks great! This kit was a pleasure to build. Again, building for a few hours a day over several days. I’ve previously got burned out but taking your time is key to your continued enjoyment with the Gunpla hobby.

Picked up the above Action Base 3 from Armour of God, I think we’ll be seeing more from these guys in the future!

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