We picked up the 1/144 HGUC MESSER F01 kit from our boys at Gundam Gateway (where else would we shop) just over a week ago. The box was quite a bit larger than the High Grade kits we’ve built in the past…

This won’t be a build-log like our previous Journey into Gunpla posts. Think of it as an overview of the build experience. Also, this was the fastest I’ve assembled a kit so far! The majority of the components were quite big, making them much easier to remove from the sprue runners and assemble.

As mentioned above, the majority of the Messer parts are much larger than previous builds. The Type-F01 has a shape and paint color scheme reminiscent of the Maganac Mobile Suits from Gundam Wing. For it’s sheer bulk, this kit is surprisingly mobile (pardon the pun)

Overall, this towering heft of a kit was a pleasure to build. No part was overly complicated. Considering it’s a High-Grade kit, the size and detail are more than acceptable for its £29.99 price tag.

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