Journey into Gunpla #001

For many years, I’ve been a huge fan of the various animated series and graphic novels across the various Gundam universes.

The Gundam model kits or ‘Gunpla’ have always intrigued me but it was all rather daunting. There is an absolutely huge catalog of kits in a number of grades.

Twitch streamer and Mecha enthusiast VampyBitMe has a weekly live stream every Monday evening entitled “Mecha Monday” Vampy recommends HG kits for beginners. Terror-Byte Admin -Zeit- was kind enough to send me one such kit for my birthday this year!

Over the moon! For this particular kit, you won’t need a huge amount of tools. My Citadel clippers and a fine nail file will be perfect.

One thing I did notice when assembling this little fellow. With the right playlist on iTunes, time just seemed to vanish…

Nearly two hours! Two hours which slithered past rather tranquilly. The RX-78-2 HG kit was fully assembled and posed on the Action Base.

This is just the beginning. More kits have been ordered along with a few extra tools and some panel line accent.

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